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Waffle spikes

A Waffle home waitress spiked a co-worker’s drink with methamphetamine, leading to the victim’s hospitalization plus the woman’s jailing recently on crime electric battery and narcotics fees.

Georgia authorities allege that Sonserea Evans, 43, tampered with Brian Mikeals’s drink even though the set ended up being working in late-December at a Waffle House in Dawsonville, a city about 55 kilometers north of Atlanta.

Cops were summoned into the restaurant after Mikeals, 37, became stricken. He was transported to an area hospital in really serious problem and later slipped into a coma (from where he has emerged). Mikeals, which continues to be hospitalized, has required a feeding pipe and a ventilator to help him inhale.

a police review of Waffle home surveillance video clip revealed Evans using Mikeals’s drink into a shop restroom. She after that returned the beverage without Mikeals recognizing it absolutely was lacking. Detectives claim that Evans spiked the beverage with methamphetamine while within the bathroom.

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