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Long jump shoesSo, you are looking at lengthy jump footwear? They say the craftsman is just like his resources. And undoubtedly getting the correct tools to do the job should make things easier. It is this saying true of anything such as for instance a pair of long leap surges? Well let’s analyze evidence!

When an athlete operates, with every step your body has to take loads of as much as 5 times their body body weight. If that athlete is a jumper, after that in the example the base is positioned on a lawn at take-off, the ground response causes acting on their body is 8-10 times their body body weight.

You do the amounts - if you should be a 180 lb athlete (80kgs) that is as much as 1, 800 weight that must initially be absorbed because of the foot.

Our feet are very well made to soak up the surprise of surface contact. The normal mechanics of placing your foot on the floor in bouncing is:

  • Our base first make contact externally of this hell
  • It then part inwards about 15 degrees
  • Lose happens through the front regarding the foot utilizing your entire feet

This is actually the regular action of this foot whilst passes through the stride gait, and is known as pronation. It will be the body’s means of taking in forces. But with regards to the level of this arch of one's foot, you could have a foot that over-pronate or supinate. Either one of two variables increase your risk of base injury whenever you remove.

That's where a properly designed couple of long leap footwear will come to your aid. Good long bouncing footwear has the following functions:

  • Lightweight
  • Midsole help
  • Slip resistant exterior sole
  • Stiff heel help
  • Negative heel design


Your long leap footwear should be made from materials which are light, but still supply the power to withstand two ton of force going right on through it. You don’t want to feel you will be wearing military shoes when you are running down the long jump runway.

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