Fred Perry Vintage Tennis Plimsolls

Born from a culture of persistence and mastering your art, Fred Perry will pay tribute to its brand name heritage along with its most recent genuine Collection the upcoming Autumn period.

Building on a distinctive record based on both recreations and road use, Perry continues to successfully fuse history with contemporary design. By firmly taking motivation from both factory floor in addition to working man’s club, the collection functions processed but hard-wearing pieces alongside conventional styles.

Mens Genuine Footwear: A closer look

Kingston Twill Tipped Trainers
Classic plimsolls created in wealthy twilled cotton fiber, featuring waxed cotton laces, a smooth rubber sole and Fred Perry’s signature Laurel Wreath embroidered on the side. Twin tipping regarding tongue and side wall space associated with only research the companies infamous sporting history.

Style it out! Pair these twill tipped plimsolls with with traditional Fred Perry shirts and classic parkas this year for a simple however stylish look.

Vintage Tennis Trainers

Fred Perry’s sporting motivation may also be present in these playing tennis design fabric plimsolls, that includes a contrast inner liner and trademark double tipping detail regarding sidewall. An embroidered Laurel Wreath offers these plimsolls a vintage, classic look whilst extra branding sits regarding the only and heel tab.

Style it! These low-profile canvas trainers are the perfect complement to everyday trousers and textured knits in 2010.

Available in six colours to perform any autumn appearance

And for the females:

Woodford Floral Print Plimsoll

These quick canvas plimsolls feature an in depth floral print upper, adding a feminine angle towards the classic Fred Perry playing tennis footwear. Thick cotton laces and textured rubber soles add durability, as the embroidered laurel wreath and rubberized heel tab maintain discreet design.

Design it out! Staff these plimsolls with a simple pencil dress and cotton fiber rucksack to incorporate a playful side to classic styling.

Phoenix Canvas Plimsoll

These classic design plimsolls add effortless style to your ensemble. Featuring flat cotton laces, just one tipping information regarding the sole wall and signature Laurel Wreath embroidery on heel.

Design it! These canvas plimsolls tend to be perfect teamed with thin slice trousers and zip through jackets this year.

Have your tell win a Fred Perry Makeover worth £400!

What or that is your thing determination? We want to understand!


SOLETRADER has teamed up with Fred Perry to offer away a whopping £400 well worth of clothes from Fred Perry Authentic Collection (shoes included, obviously!) to a single lucky champion.

FIVE fabulous runner-up rewards are available; a pair of ANY Fred Perry footwear from SOLETRADER internet site!


To enter, merely leave a touch upon this blog post prior to the 4th September 2012, informing united states WHAT or WHO is your personal style motivation.

From sub cultural eras to traditional trends, superstars to songs genres, style inspirations can take virtually any form – & most importantly – tend to be special for you.

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