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The Olympic Games- Design and Technology

We look for ourselves in the midst of Olympic games temperature once again. Our top professional athletes tend to be competing during the highest amount and focus on top honours within their selected fields.

Simply how much has technology already been always enhance activities shoes consequently boosting the overall performance of our Olympians?

Before we investigate the type of footwear employed by our athletes let's examine a contemporary football boot. If we look very carefully we are able to see that its made of a variety of products selected for their individual properties.


Why utilized

Kevlar 10 times the effectiveness of leather Leather/canvas which will be a composite material This product is slim, stable and reasonable density Foam-blown polyurethane This gives a shoe additional padding Thermoplastic polyurethane This will make a footwear both powerful and pliable Kangaroo leather Gives a footballer that additional springtime in the or her step. It provides good elasticity Question: what type of above products is artificial and where all-natural resource is-it derived?

Matter: What exactly is a composite product?

When a couple of materials with completely different properties tend to be combined collectively they form a composite material.
The different products work together to create a fresh material, which integrates most of the properties for the previously separate materials. Within the composite it is still feasible to easily inform the different materials aside. They do not will mix or dissolve into one another.
Composite products can be either man-made but they could also occur in general. Fibreglass and concrete are both composite materials. Car tyres, mud bricks and beverages cartons are typical produced from composite materials.

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