About Different Types of Soles

Sports shoes types

High Arch Type


Require just a little help finding the right running shoes?

No problem! You are fully guaranteed a fantastic fit at path Runner Sports.
To truly get you started, it's also important to consider two main functions when choosing the very best athletic shoes — padding and assistance.

How do you know very well what number of cushioning is right for myself?

You might have noticed that running shoes offer a multitude of choices about cushioning. Don't let all those choices overwhelm you because there really is no perfect amount of cushioning for every runner. Ensure that is stays quick yourself and think about two important aspects when deciding exactly how much cushioning is right for your running footwear: body framework and choice.

Body Frame

You may be amazed understand that working places three to five times your body weight onto your legs, bones and muscle tissue each time you strike the bottom. Therefore, it is additionally vital to bring your body framework into account when choosing the padding you got that right for you.

If you should be 6'2' and consider 200 lbs., you might want an athletic shoes with lots of cushioning, just like the ASICS Kayano, ASICS Nimbus or the Saucony Triumph.

But, if you are 5'5'' and consider 130 lbs. you might not require as much padding and a footwear such as the and/or Nike Air Pegasus will likely to be great choices.


You can also want to consider how much padding you want to feel using your feet whenever you operate. If you like to feel as if you are floating on a pillowy-soft, plush cloud, you may want a running shoe with maximum cushioning, like the Nike Vomero.

Or, maybe you would rather feel truly close and connected to the surface, that great more au-natural feel of a barefoot or minimalist running footwear which has bit to no padding, making a footwear like Merrell Trail Glove and/or Vibram FiveFingers Bikila an excellent selection for you.

Maybe you'd want to discover something that is correct among, so you can feel well-connected towards the floor while however taking pleasure in some cushioning on impact. If that seems like you, the newest Balance Minimus and/or Newton Gravity could be your perfect jogging shoes.

Exactly how much assistance do i want?

When you are determining how much support you need from your jogging shoes, you need to consider your arch type and your base's freedom, two factors
that go hand-in-hand.

Tall Arch/Low Flexibility Moderate Arch/Moderate Flexibility Minimal Arch/High Flexibility
  • In the event that you observe that you have a high arch, then your foot tends to be less versatile and you require the minimum level of assistance.
  • You need to choose your perfect running shoes through the basic, natural plus, or
    overall performance neutral footwear categories.
  • Fall in love with these group favorites:
    ASICS Cumulus and/or Brooks Ghost
  • If you're like 80% for the population, you have a
    medium arch, meaning your foot is commonly
    reasonably flexible therefore require medium assistance.
  • You'll find your best running shoe inside security,
    security plus, or performance security
    footwear groups.
  • Discover several of those group preferences:
    ASICS 2000 or perhaps the
  • When you yourself have a low arch, your foot is probably really versatile and you should enjoy an athletic shoes which provides the most standard of assistance.
  • You'll want to pick a running footwear from motion control or movement control plus shoe categories.
  • Consider these category favorites:
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