Acu Shoes

ACU Shoes

Matthew Walzer (remaining) wears special Nike sneakers created by ACU alumnus Tobie Hatfield (right). The footwear system is made for individuals with handicaps. (Nike picture)New footwear designed by Nike innovator and previous Abilene Christian University pole vaulter is a game-changer if you have handicaps. The modern uses Flyease technology, a wraparound design enabling rear entry without any laces to link while however offering required foot assistance. This new sneakers will likely be released to consumers in minimal volumes beginning July 16 through .

Hatfield is manager of Nike’s Innovation Kitchen, a think-tank creating a number of the sports world’s biggest products and technologies. In 2012, he received a duplicate of a page compiled by 16-year-old Matthew Walzer of Parkland, Fla., having cerebral palsy and informed in regards to the difficulties he encountered in his quest for independency.

“My fantasy would be to go right to the university of my option and never having to concern yourself with some body coming to connect my shoes each and every day, ” addressed to Nike CEO Mark Parker and posted on line. “As a teenager who is striving to be completely self-sufficient, I find this extremely irritating and, oftentimes, awkward.”

The letter rapidly went viral and finally made its method to Hatfield, who was prompted to engineer a mass-market footwear for Walzer and others who possess trouble attaching shoelaces.

Hatfield could very well be best known for producing Michael Johnson’s popular gold spikes that propelled the sprinter to double silver into the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and appeared regarding address of Time mag. He in addition pioneered Nike complimentary, a technology made to allow feet move more naturally and easily than with traditional tennis shoes.

He’s created shoes for any other Olympians and top athletes aswell, including playing tennis great Maria Sharapova, previous NFL All-Pro protection Troy Polamalu, fencing star Mariel Zuganis, golfer Tiger Woods, pole vaulter Stacey Dragila, beach volleyball standout Misty May-Treanor, and Olympic gold medalists Tim Mack and Tristan Gale.

The Flyease technology isn't Hatfield’s first foray into footwear built to assist athletes with handicaps. In 2006, he began utilize their buddy Sarah Reinertsen, a specialist paratriathlete, whoever knee ended up being amputated whenever she had been 7 yrs . old. The consequence of that collaboration ended up being the Nike Sole and Spike Pad for professional athletes just who wear prosthetic blades.

“Sarah said there is books amputees who would actually get-out truth be told there and exercise if they had a system that way, ” Hatfield stated in a 2013 meeting for ACU’s WC Magazine.

Hatfield says his or her own knowledge as an athlete and mentor helps him relate solely to the difficulties of athletes he works together with now.

While a student-athlete at Abilene Christian, Hatfield was element of four NCAA Division II track and field championship teams, three as a pole vaulter and another as an assistant advisor.

After graduating from ACU in 1987, he used the footsteps of his parent, who was simply an university coach for longer than 40 many years. Hatfield took a full-time mentoring job for Wichita State University, nevertheless when Nike offered him a posture in 1990, he trigger on an innovative new profession path.

Hatfield thrives on innovative environment in Nike Kitchen, which got its name at the beginning of the organization’s record after co-founder Bill Bowerman utilized a waffle metal full of liquid plastic to generate 1st waffle sole.

“We’re constantly taking care of new things. It’s the character of everything we do, ” he stated. “We’re very enthusiastic about how we start it because we worry. It’s interesting because we understand ultimately we intend to have the ability to assist men and women in lots of areas. Also it’s not merely about making folks go fast or high. It’s about lifestyle as well. If you ask me that is a level bigger thing.”

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