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Item Code: 06623-Dora

Dora slip-on Plimsoll (with lace holes but no laces)

Victoria slip on Plimsoll

Victoria Slip-Ons are made of normal plastic and canvas. This is certainly a plimsoll style footwear with an elastic inner ready under material eyelets therefore making laces unneeded. This effortless pull-on shoe will come in a terrific array of colours.

These shoes tend to be rather a tight fit so PURCHASE ONE SIZE UP !!

Unsure associated with the color? Click in virtually any associated with the size cardboard boxes contrary to the colour title when you look at the grid in the right-hand side for this web page, the primary image will likely then change to show the colour chosen.

To support colour option here is helpful tips to the colours to be had:

Azul: cornflower azure

Beige: extremely milky coffee

Blanco: white

Curry: turmeric yellow

Framb: strawberry red

Gris: light grey

Lila: lilac

Manzana: dust aqua

Marino: deep blue

Negro: black colored

Nude: pale salmon pink

Papaya: smooth red coral orange

Pino: dusky teal green

Plomo: iron-grey

Rojo: purple

Rosa: smooth rose-pink

Royal: turquoise

Tinta: royal blue

Verde: grass-green

Vino: wealthy burgundy

Upper: Cotton Canvas

Coating: Cotton fabric

Sole: Natural rubber

Heel: Flat

Click on your matching size & colour to view.

  • Dora Plimsolls

    I've just received my first Dora plimsolls; and I also'm so pleased I purchased all of them !!Putting them on the very first time- my legs are comfortable and I is able to see that I will put them on again and again.The colours are incredibly lovely, also. Thank you such...

    Ended up being this analysis useful to you? YES-NO


    I adore these pumps, they remind myself of daisys

    The agony of choice...

    I attempted one set of these since they had all of them on another internet site i personally use loads, but had been out of stock within my size. THESE ARE GENERALLY BRILLIANT! Proper just who locates Converse also narrow, these are therefore comfortable and stay on really well due to the flexible. My just problem now could be that I simply cannot make-up my head which color to go for next...

    Simply perfect...

    I really like the colours & the style - forget boring coloured plimsolls & acquire some of the gorgeous shoes - you simply will not regret it!

    Great service

    Wonderful slip-ons. We purchased two sets final Sunday, they appeared on Wednesday and returned exact same time - We ordered the wrong dimensions. The plimsolls came this morning, a great fit. Pay heed into the advice regarding dimensions. I shall be ordering more tints while the year wears on. Congratulations Victoria.

    Wish I would found these years back!

    Shhh. Have them a secret! Considerably cheaper than converse, unbelievably comfy, cute and colourful. I'd like all of them in ever color!

    Love all of them and great customer service also!

    We will have three pairs of these plimsolls in white, navy and black. They are sooooo comfortable and I also love wearing them back at my travel to your workplace at the weekends. As advised, used to do increase one size and so they fit well. Customer service can be exemplary. If footwear are on straight back order, they do tell you immediately and email a despatch notification when they happen sent. Overall, love this business! Hope it always stays great!


    Used the advice on the internet site and purchased a dimensions up therefore frustrated to get I experienced to come back all of them as they are too-big! Usually they look like great footwear so hope my regular dimensions will undoubtedly be okay when they arrive! Have only given 3 stars because of the bad advice given on the internet site!

    Victoria Plimsolls: we have been sorry that you had a problem utilizing the fit of your Dora plimsolls. We try to give the most useful guidance we can to allow our clients buying confidently plus nearly all situations customers should shape up to have the best fit. Clearly, in your case, our guidance was not helpful. Hopefully your replacement plimsolls is a fantastic fit and you'll enjoy putting on all of them.


    Beautiful comfy shoes-great colours

    Don't size up

    We got my very first pair of Victoria Plimsolls this morning. I experienced made a decision to size up (just by half a size) considering other reviews on the site but they are much too huge. So they really are going back in exchange for a smaller sized dimensions. I have definitely that once I choose the best size they will be excessively comfortable though, extremely soft material and flexible inner.

    Fab footwear

    I got myself my 1st pair of these plimsolls about monthly ago and also have only ordered my 3rd pair! They have been sooo comfortable, i did however disregard the guidance of purchasing 1 size larger and pleased I did as my normal size fit completely. I simply must determine which colour purchasing after that.

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