Girls black sparkly plimsolls

Plimsolls for School

The after clothes is highly suggested:



Red Sweatshirt

Grey Trousers

White Polo Shirt

Summer Time:

Gray Short Pants


Red Sweatshirt/ Cardigan

Tartan Kilt otherwise Grey Pinafore /Skirt

• White Polo otherwise Shirt/Blouse

• Dress – Red and White verified or Striped

Take note that leisurewear such coastline clothes, denim (faded or not), T-shirts with motifs/messages (whether advertising an item, destination or perhaps) are not considered appropriate as school uniform. Color braids and beads in locks, jewellery, nail varnish etc. aren't ideal for college.


A smart waterproofed footwear both for summertime and Winter is needed in the event that kiddies wish to play within the wooded areas of the school grounds. Trainers and girl’s style shoes aren't ideal, since they are not safe in craft and playground areas.

Sports Clothing/Plimsolls

The youngsters need a white T-shirt and purple shorts, plimsolls and shoe bag for P.E. This takes place many days therefore it is important the shoe case and plimsolls/shorts remain at school. For PE beyond your children can wear deep blue or black tracksuit bottoms.

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girls and guys how should plimsolls or keds be worn for both guys and girls with socks or without socks? | Yahoo Answers

Hi, just wanted to get opinions from both different guys and girls who are up on fashion and latest trends. to ask when both girls and guys wear plimsolls or keds should they be worn with socks or without socks?, does it look better without?, and how do you pecieve the look in general?

Girls and guys how should plimsolls or keds be worn for both guys and girls with socks or without socks?

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