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Olympian gains 800-meter final in world-leading time while putting on lightest middle-distance surge shopping; guides contingent of four U.S. Saucony athletes acquiring spots to World Championships

International performance shoes and clothing brand today announced that Olympian and Saucony athlete Duane Solomon went a world-leading time of1:43.27 to win the 800-meter final at USA exterior National Track & Field Championships the 2009 Sunday in Diverses Moines, Iowa. Solomon leads a squad of four-deep U.S. Saucony athletes who've guaranteed spots to portray Team United States Of America in the upcoming IAAF World Championships in Moscow, Russia. Saucony's Molly Huddle (5, 000), Queen Harrison (100 obstacles) and Ashley Higginson (3, 000 steeplechase) will join Solomon at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow August 10-18 in an attempt to come to be globe champions.

"we have been therefore pleased with the Saucony team heading to Moscow, " stated Mark Bossardet, vice president of activities advertising for Saucony. "Their success is testament for their skill and work ethic, plus the items where they train and compete. Duane ran an unbelievable race, winning his very first outside nationwide name while wearing the Endorphin MD4, a middle distance surge motivated by their aggressive model of running. Using this band of amazing professional athletes, we now have an excellent possibility of seeing all in the finals at the Worlds."

In males's 800-meter final, Solomon led from the firearm and developed a gap that Olympic finalist and five-time consecutive 800-meter United States Of America champ Nick Symmonds wasn't capable shut. Solomon put the whole world leading period of 1:43.27, while Symmonds clocked 1:43.70 and Brandon Johnson completed 3rd in 1:43.97.

Olympian and US 5, 000-meter record owner Molly Huddle, just who led for much of the women's 5, 000 meter battle, completed second in15:35.45. Queen Harrison, previous NCAA Champion, was runner-up inside 100-meter obstacles in 12:44 seconds. Former Princeton runner Ashley Higginson clinched a berth in the nationwide staff because of her performance inside 3, 000-meter steeplechase, in which she ended up being second in a period of 9:46.25.

Endorphin MD 4

Solomon ended up being equipped when you look at the brand name's Saucony Endorphin MD4, the brand name's top middle distance surge that's empowered by Solomon. The six-pin spike plate is designed to keep professional athletes on their particular toes with maximum traction although the mix of ultra-lightweight mesh and FlexFilm™ technology causes it to be the lightest middle-distance surge shopping, weighing in at 3.2 ounces. The Endorphin MD4 are offered

About Saucony: Saucony, a division of Wolverine global, is a number one international operating way of life brand that combines performance, development and style to create persuasive footwear and apparel having its widely recognized brands Saucony and Saucony Originals. Started in 1898, Saucony consistently encourage athletes every-where featuring its award winning innovations, like the "Geometry of Strong™, ProGrid™, PowerGrid™ ViZiPRO™ and AMP PRO2™ attire. At Saucony, a day is when we get to operate. A fantastic time occurs when we encourage someone else to perform. To learn more, check-out

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