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Most men and women can't stand operating. That's okay. We cannot all be masochists, pining to destroy our legs before their particular time. But to incentivize potential runners, sneaker brand name Kalenji discovered a motivating carrot on a stick—a lush dinner, paid for in miles.

Organized by Paris agency Rosapark, the #EatYourRun promotion presented a unique number of Eliorun shoes by giving spankin' brand-new sets to journalists (including me) and welcoming us going to the dust. A couple weeks later, on May 24, they organized a dinner within 6 Paul Bert restaurant—known because of its epic gastronomy—at which we're able to change our clocked miles (well, kilometers, because this is France) for ultra-fancy meals.

"for many sports brands, operating is about overall performance, " begins the scenario study below. "For Kalenji, running is focused on pleasure." Backed by classical music, the video wordlessly illustrates the campaign—and the delights awaiting in return for your physical toils—then concludes using tagline, "Don't stay to operate. Set you back live."

Under is an image of shoes we got. Imagine they went out of the sweet red people, but that is OK; real athletes burn through shoes in 90 days anyhow:

And discover a closeup of this menu:

It really is quite French to connect physical activity with a satisfying payoff; within the U.S., it is considered more an act of output, which will be reward in itself (but a far poorer carrot, within our view). Along with getting singing individuals to decide to try the shoes (serviceably great, but we're flat-footed, so...), the goals weren't very punitive: To purchase the essential "expensive" meal, a runner must clock only over 25 kilometers (15.5 miles), roughly what I run-in a two-week average anyway (exactly what sportier folks burn through in a few days).

Recently I sprained my ankle, therefore I clocked not even half of this this month—enough for a moderate appetizer additionally the strawberry dessert (not an entrée!).

However, for journalists simply starting their commitment with the roadway, or just who'd instead not need someone to start with, Kalenji delivered every person an advance email assuring us (converted from French), "Don't have the full time or need to run at this time? No issue: The run is recommended, and no one may be deprived from dinner!"

That's sweet—and smart—from a PR viewpoint, nonetheless it unfortunately undermines the whole promotion. (Full disclosure: we're able ton't result in the dinner, but would have wanted to play reasonable if we had, because what can we say? We like principles.)

The following, find pictures of an example meal, along with the restaurant:


Client: Kalenji

Agency: Rosapark
Co-Founders: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar / Jean-François Sacco / Gilles Fichteberg
Account Management: Victor Faubert
Strategic Thinking: Sacha Lacroix / Mickaël Mougenot
Creative Directors: Mark Forgan / Jamie Standen

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