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1979114_774899065861498_98873359_oat Run Away footwear we’re avid followers of both cross country and track. From pole-vault towards the cross-country training course, and from discus to the 1600m relay under the lights, we’re earnest spectators through-and-through. We understand that absolutely nothing compares to running a PR, assisting your staff be successful, or perhaps even earning a-trip to Veterans Memorial Stadium in La Crosse or the quick, hilly conditions in the The Ridges golf course in Wisconsin Rapids. it is because of this that we’re right here to act as a reference for you personally through each step (or stride) of this way.

At Run Away footwear, we are informed in standard biomechanics and generally are trained to analyze what we see happening with a runner’s arches and legs, their injury record, and their previous footwear and discover the right style of footwear. When an athlete is in the correct variety of shoe utilizing the proper number of cushioning, security, help, and framework, it notably really helps to enhance gait type and stop damage. We truly don't mind spending time in helping location teams succeed plus in maintaining you healthier and powerful to enable you to run and do at your absolute best!

Think about it into the shop to discover in the event your large school’s jersey is hung-up on our walls!

  • All large school/college pupils get 10percent trainers, flats, and spikes!
  • When you purchase running shoes additionally you get 20percent off all attire!
  • Come check out the brand new State Champ wall at Appleton location!


Whether you’re contending during the Seymour XC invitational, sprinting at the Gil Frank Invite, hurdling on Al Vandenberg Invitational, racing during the Neenah x-country Invite, climbing Big Bertha within Hilltopper Invite, or high jumping inside in the Kulf Center in Oshkosh, it’s always important to make fully sure your surges are prepared to get just before competition time. At Run Away footwear we carry both XC and Track and Field spikes, along with changeable surges and wrenches. Remain in to try some down or ask your advisor as soon as your team’s spike night is!

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