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michael hammondOur neighborhood is centered around athletes of all of the capability amounts, therefore don’t be intimidated because of the times that some of our coaches have run. We specialize in coaching athletes of all many years and ability levels. Having operate fast ourselves just means that we’ve had the chance to train under, and study from, America’s most readily useful mentors. If you were learning to play golf, can you want to learn from Tiger Woods or some guy which played in highschool? Operating isn’t any not the same as tennis – you deserve to master from most readily useful. Our coaches are some of the many carried out you'll find everywhere.

Tina Muir

Position: Community Management

Many Years Operating: 14

Private Ideal:

5, 000m – 16:08
10k – 32:24
One Half Marathon – 1:13
Marathon – 2:37

Initially from The united kingdomt, Tina moved to the says in 2007 to pursue the woman running career.

An 11 time Division II All-America athlete for Ferris State University, Tina capped down her collegiate career by finishing 3rd in the 10k on 2012 Great Britain Olympic Trials. Tina spent couple of years working as an Assistant Coach for La Salle University, a Division I University in Philadelphia, while completing the woman MBA.

sarah-crouch-running-coachTina is an associate of this Saucony Hurricanes Team, and represented Great Britain and Northern Ireland when you look at the 2016 World Half Marathon Championships.

Tina has actually a really well-known instruction and fueling blog; gasoline Your Future with Tina Muir, which attracts visitors throughout the entire world as a resource for meals on how to fuel properly to increase overall performance, plus training guidance and inside home elevators what life is similar to as at the very top athlete. You can examine out

Now located in Central Kentucky, together husband Steve, that is the pinnacle Cross Country and Track Coach at Morehead State University.

Michael Hammond

Position: Mind Mentor

Many Years Coaching: 3

800m – 1:49
1500m- 3:37
Mile- 3:57
5k- 13:58

Michael is a graduate of Virginia Tech in which he competed in cross-country and track, making two ACC titles and four NCAA All-American honors. Their individual attempts led his group to four ACC group championships: one out of cross-country, two in indoor track, and one in outside track.

Since exhausting his collegiate qualifications, Michael has competed post-collegiately- previously as a member of Furman Elite in Greenville, sc and currently as an unbiased athlete. He today trains at his alma mater whilst providing as a volunteer associate with the staff.

jay johnson running coachMichael’s enthusiasm for helping professional athletes succeed began while counseling high school athletes at x-country camps. Ever since then he's coached a number of neighborhood athletes of numerous ability levels while continuing to achieve experience on college level.

Sarah Crouch

Position: Assistant Coach

Many Years Coaching: 2

Mile – 4:44
5K: 15:49
10K: 32:37
10 Mile: 54:15
1/2 Marathon: 1:13
Marathon: 2:44

A two-time Olympic Trials qualifier, Coach Sarah happens to be operating for eleven many years, initially at Hockinson highschool, in Hockinson, Washington, then at west Washington University, after that professionally as a representative for Reebok through the ZAP Fitness group in Blowing Rock, new york. Sarah currently resides and trains at thin air in South Lake Tahoe, Ca along with her spouse Michael, (additionally a specialist runner with ZAP Fitness).

Coach Sarah initially discovered a passion for coaching in '09 when she started training young women through women busy system. The passion for operating and improvement that Sarah experienced among these ladies inspired her to follow coaching those of ages and abilities. Respected on her behalf knowledge of the sport, Sarah is published in Running Journal magazine in addition to Adventure Northwest mag.

“The beautiful parallels which our sport draws between those of all capabilities is perfectly unique. You'll never ever discover jordan playing a pick-up online game at YMCA or find a woman with a baby baby stroller standing within the Superbowl huddle, yet on competition day, as well and in exactly the same spot, there are the best of the greatest competing the victory along with the very beginners associated with the sport, perhaps contending the very first time, everybody experiencing the exact same feeling, that great exact same challenge.jeff gaudette running mentor This is why I Like the game of operating and why Im enthusiastic about helping improve those who have the motivation to start!”

Jay Johnson

Years Coaching: 13

Personal Accomplishments:

Nationwide Champions coached – 3
Renee Metivier-Ballie (3, 000m – 2010)
Brent Vaughn (Cross-country – 2011)
Fernando Cabada (25 kilometer – 2011)

Coach Jay is one of the most knowledgeable and respected mentors in the United States. His application includes a master’s degree in kinesiology and applied physiology, manager of Boulder working Camps, copywriter for and RunningTimes, presenter for various Nike sponsored centers and camps, and it has coached three professional athletes to US Championships within the last three years.

In the last few years, Coach Jay has actually turned their awareness of mentoring adult runners; including Boston qualifiers, Masters athletes, and brand new runners towards sport. Maybe Coach Jay’s biggest energy is his desire and enthusiasm for researching the sport and applying the latest analysis and training principles in to the schedules of their “everyday” runners.

“I attempt to form a strong athlete-coach commitment and relationship with every runner we coach. I've a passion for assisting athletes stay healthy, teaching all of them tips be much better and smarter runners, and leading all of them for them to attain their complete potential.”

Position: Owner/Head Coach

Years Coaching: 6

1500: 3:46 (4:04 mile)
5, 000m – 13:59
10, 000m – 28:46
10 mile – 49:49
One Half Marathon – 1:05:30
Marathon – 2:22:02

Coach Jeff happens to be operating for 13 many years, anyway levels of the activity. He had been a two time Division-I All-American in x-country while at Brown University and competed skillfully for 4 years after college. Jeff features competed all over the world, in several marathons, and recorded Olympic Trials qualifying times within the marathon and 10, 000 meters.

danny operating mentor casey collins running advisor casey collins working mentor blake boldon operating coach

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