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The Track Shack Running Series started in 1978 and it is considered the spot's premier road battle series! Along with our sponsors, Track Shack attracts athletes and walkers of all of the centuries and fitness levels to engage.

  • Exactly what: Six special occasions throughout Central Florida
  • When: From August through March
  • Where: Orlando Science Center, Casselberry, UCF, Park Avenue, Showalter Football Field
  • Just who: athletes and walkers age 8 and older can register
  • How long: Distances range from 2 mile, 5k, 4 mile, 5 mile and 10k
  • Exactly how: Each event makes use of B-Tag scoring with same time web site outcomes
  • Certification: USATF sanctioned events operate on licensed courses
  • Desire More: BE A

    Join all SIX Series races and get rewarded!

2016-2017 Track Shack Working Series Plan

Aug 13 Track Shack's Celebration of working 5k provided by Florida Hospital
Sept 17 Rock n' Run 5k
Oct 16 U Can Finish 5 Mile & 2 Miler presented by Florida Hospital
Jan 14 Park Ave 5k presented by Florida Hospital
Feb 11 Run 4 enjoy 4 Mile presented by Florida Hospital
Mar 25 Zimmerman Kiser Sutcliffe Winter Park path Race 10k and 2 mile provided by Florida Hospital

Florida Hospital for kids Kids' Run

Young ones feel the delight of working for enjoyable and fitness. All kids receive a ribbon for participating! 1st 125 kids signed up in each battle will get a t-shirt.

  • Exactly What: Totally Free Toddlers’ Run

  • Whenever: Following The Series occasion
  • How long: Distances are priced between 100 meters to 1 mile as they are divided in to age appropriate groups
  • Complimentary Registration: Children must register on competition time to engage.

Restrictions- protection is our very first priority!

Bikes, roller skates, in-line skates, and puppies will undoubtedly be forbidden from race-course. The utilization of earphones is discouraged.

Walker Friendly Events

Keeping Central Florida Fit is our objective. Walkers ought to take part in all Track Shack events. Municipalities require that roadway ways are clear of individuals and unsealed once the battle is complete. This is the reason a maximum speed of 16 mins per mile is scheduled. In the event that rate is not preserved, race officials will request you to relocate to the sidewalk to re-open the roadways.

Baby Stroller Constraints

  • Stroller/jogger operators start behind designated stroller signage (5k or faster events just).
  • Stroller/jogger operators may walk/jog no faster than 15 moment per mile, a secure operating rate. If the rate goes quicker than a quarter-hour per mile rate, you might be disqualified.

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