Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 and

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Review

The Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81s are not the highest-profile parkour footwear, but they’re some of the best footwear available to you. It has an unusual mixture of grip, versatility, lightness, toughness, and convenience that is very difficult locate – let-alone at Tiger’s low cost of around $60. It’s some unfortunate to understand Tigers only have one tiny flaw.


The Tigers tend to be undoubtedly the best-looking shoe within my dresser. Hands-down. Puma Faas 500s will come close (inside correct color), but the streamlined lines of this Tigers, and the vast variety of shade combinations it comes down in… It just makes everything else online look bad compared.

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 top and bottomComfort

The very first time I put the Tigers on, I was originating from about 4 months of wearing solely Feiyues, Vivo Neos, and going barefoot. The Tiger’s arch support is at very first an unwelcome surprise, but after a couple of hours useful, i obtained regularly it. They don’t harmed my legs whatsoever any longer.

Apart from that initial small annoyance, i've zero issues. I’ve used the Tigers for 14 hours of constant hiking and working, yet i've no sores, chafing, or vexation to report. I am exceedingly satisfied with this aspect of the Tigers. No grievances after all.


The Tiger’s grip is quite special so far as parkour shoes get. In place of an evidently arbitrary number of pieces of rubberized glued towards bottom associated with shoe, it is all one-piece of rubber (that will be great) with only 1 hold design. The specific stick associated with Tigers is not spectacular, but it’s solid.Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 inside It’s adequate that it will certainly assist you waking up a wall, however so good that it will cover up deficiencies in technique. Not that great on wet surfaces – therefore squeaks a lot on tile floor. No ninja sneaking during these footwear after good rain. However it’s decent on rails, very good on wood. Nevertheless! I've been told by individuals who have already been wearing these more than I have that while the small circles get worn off, the hold on smooth surfaces improves in addition to squeaking goes away completely. So break them in really. In addition, make sure you get Tigers with black hold; it apparently makes a difference of many months into the lifetime of the footwear.


At almost 10.5oz, the Tigers tend to be heaviest shoe during my dresser. That said, it's just a 2oz difference between Tigers and Feiyues or KO’s, together with comfortable yet comfortable way the footwear fit makes the emotional fat associated with footwear not as much as the actual fat.


So good. Perhaps not fantastic, although not bad for a cushioned running footwear. It flexes at the center by the feet, however won’t be moving this one into a ball and placing it to your pocket like some of the footwear I’ve assessed.

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 toe Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 bottom Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 and KO toes Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 toes

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