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Return Policy

【Return and Cancellation Plan】
Discover an insurance policy of a no reimbursement, no change and termination for international delivery solutions. Please look at your products, their size and colors if they're okay before buying.

【Payment Process】 charge cards issued outside Japan are also appropriate as well as ones granted in Japan and PayPal.

【PayPal】 We accept PayPal as an approach of payment if you bear PayPal fees. Here is the means of your PayPal payment.

1. Please pick PayPal as a repayment strategy when buying.
2. You will definitely obtain a notice associated with the total quantity* become compensated from us via PayPal.
3. After you consent to spend via PayPal so we verify our receipt of this complete amount, your purchase is going to be transported.
4. Take note that people assume you terminate your purchase whenever we don't get the amount within seven days following the notification regarding the complete quantity.

* The total amount includes your purchased products, distribution and PayPal charges.

PayPal costs tend to be calculated the following.
(Total quantity of your ordered items and distribution fees) X 3.9percent +JPY40 like,
Total quantity of your ordered products : JPY10, 000- shipping charges : JPY1, 800- PayPal costs (10, 000+1, 800) X 3.9percent + 40 : JPY500- Total amount to be compensated via PayPal : JPY12, 300-

【Countries apart from the nations under Rakuten International Shipping Services】
We may take international shipping for many countries. Please inform us articles and their particular destination nation to ensure we could check the possibility. Take note there are limits and restrictions of worldwide shipping for several products so we may decrease your needs.

【Customs duty as well as other taxes】
Customs duty alongside fees may be levied when a delivery achieves your country. If appropriate, kindly spend those expenses directly to the delivery agent. Guidelines on these taxes differ in each country. Please contact the customs workplace at your county to get more details.

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