Nike Basketball & Jordan Black

LeBron James Sneakers History

Nike LeBron JamesEver since landing on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a High School Basketball Phenom, LeBron James has been one of this generation’s true sports icons. With supernatural gifts of flight and power, Nike is hoping that his performance on the court will inspire millions to buy his shoes.

Nike Zoom Generation | 2003

Not many players have been able to come in the league with a shoe from Nike ready and waiting for them. With the Nike Zoom Generation, Nike used all the technology they had at hand to deliver the ultimate shoe for the “chosen one.”

Mainly inspired by the Hummer H2 LeBron’s mom got him in high school, the Zoom Generation represented the physical phenomenon that was LeBron perfectly. With unique features such as the molded mesh in the heel and midfoot to the large air ducts in the midfoot area for ventilation and weight reduction, the Zoom Generation also provided amazing cushioning. To help compliment Lebron’s freakish athleticism, Nike also equipped the shoe with an external heel counter and composite plate.


  • Nike Air Zoom Generation – White/Black-Red
  • Nike Air Zoom Generation – White/Red-Blue
  • Nike Air Zoom Generation – Black/White-Red
  • Nike Air Zoom Generation – “Christmas”
  • Nike Air Zoom Generation – White/Red
  • Nike Air Zoom Generation – “All-Star”
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Does Michael Jordan own every Jordan shoe? - Quora

He owns every Jordan shoe he wants to own. But these days he has little use for the cleated Jordans worn in baseball or football, so it's unlikely he has all of those in his closet, and there are hundreds of styles and colorways of non-cleated Jordans, so it's unlikely he has them all.

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