Hoka One running shoes

Hoka One OneDuring 2009, adventure racers Jean-Luc Diard and Nicolas Mermoud envisioned a fresh particular shoe. Dedication introduced their particular fantasy to life and Hoka one-one™ came to be.

Driven by a trending popularity in outdoor relaxing, specifically trail running, they realized that athletes are becoming progressively faster, and that difference in overall performance is many noticeable during descents. Downhill working can be synonymous with fatigue, effect and muscle stress. Motivated, Jean-Luc and Nicolas reacted by generating a cutting-edge running shoe that focuses on freedom and satisfaction.

Each Hoka One One footwear is made upon a maximally cushioned midsole which provides superior protection, comfort and propulsion. The characteristic rocker geometry promotes optimally efficient operating mechanics. Oversized outsoles, which have 50percent more surface area as compared to typical running shoe, guarantee maximum security, grip and connection with the bottom. Becoming 15% lighter than most other running shoes, Hoka One One tends to make working uphill just as much fun as running downhill, with less body exhaustion.

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