Running Barefoot – Does It

Famous barefoot runners

Despite improvements in sports medication and shoe technology, running accidents remain considerable, leading some individuals to declare that the very best shoes might be no footwear after all.

Sporting shoes for working is reasonably brand-new - the present day running shoe had been created during the 1970’s. Many early Olympic marathon runners went barefoot, as well as today many African athletes train and participate without footwear.

Sports Injuries & Running Shoes

Before the 1970s, athletic shoes provided little or no real protection against influence injuries. In accordance with an often quoted study carried out by Daniel Lieberman et al. (2010), constantly barefoot endurance athletes often land from the fore-foot (fore-foot strike) before decreasing the heel, nonetheless they often land with a flat foot (mid-foot attack) or, less often, regarding heel (rear-foot hit). On the other hand, constantly shod runners mostly rear-foot strike, facilitated by the elevated and cushioned heel regarding the contemporary running shoe.

Anatomical body the benefit of operating in a middle foot or foot attack design (as barefoot athletes mainly do) is that the influence is more uniformly spread across the foot, and many people have concluded that this will lead to notably less repetitive anxiety injuries in athletes. The evidence for this has not been plainly shown.

Do I Need To Operate Barefoot?

If you should be susceptible to accidents associated with base, or have a personal injury that you just can't fix, barefoot running might a choice for your needs. Should you choose to test it, start gradually, only walking, and gradually build the rate and distance that you cover barefoot. After a period barefoot operating and walking will become simple and painless, and hopefully injury free.

Known Barefoot Athletes

  • Abebe Bikila - Ethiopian Olympic marathon winner in 1960, went barefoot for their first victory.
  • Zola Budd - ladies 5000 meters world-record holder in 1985, trained and raced primarily in bare feet.


  • Daniel E. Lieberman, Madhusudhan Venkadesan, William A. Werbel, Adam I. Daoud, Susan D’Andrea, Irene S. Davis, Robert Ojiambo Mang’Eni & Yannis Pitsiladis “Foot hit habits and collision forces in habitually barefoot versus shod athletes” Nature 463, 531-535 (28 January 2010)


The above mentioned information is provided as an over-all guide. The writer and writer take no responsibility for almost any feasible consequences from any treatment, procedure, exercise, activity or application of medicine based on these details. See much more: Disclaimer.

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