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Spanish Canvas Shoes

Cienta-shoes-3From floral espadrilles for females to some cool velcro designs for males, Cienta has a cotton fabric footwear for almost any occasion. Big in Europe for longer than three decades, this Spanish label has just found its way to Australian Continent.

The flowery tend to be my favourite as they are so summery and playful. This classic girl’s espadrille has-been built in Spain by Cienta for over 30 years, however with the introduction of an even more versatile plastic single and further hold, your child can wear on difficult surface and wet places just like the beach. They’re $59.95 and appearance to be worth every penny.

The for young men appear in beige, green, grey and camouflage. With a wide velcro band, they’re easy to placed on, versatile and look uber fashionable for wee trend setters nowadays. A breathable cushioned insole can be removed and washed therefore they’ll not just be comfortable but they’ll last a whole lot longer than some of the various other shoes nowadays. These guys tend to be $39.90.

My final pick could be the adorable slip-ons that can come in various sizes and colours for and . They’re bound to become the day-to-day adventure-going footwear of choice and are usually $39.90.

Cienta shoes Cienta shoes flowery espadrille Cienta shoes cienta-shoes-2

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